Giving grace for a good year, and welcoming a better one

I didn’t want this year to end with out thanking God for all the great things he brought to our lives in 2017, new doors that were open, the great opportunities and all the wonderful people that He put in our path. 2017 was a challenging…


Delivered !! Art is a seed  planted in your soul,start to grow and it has to be delivered!Art always make an statement for itself out of your control; then people will see it and define it in many different ways.  

Bracelet #2

Creative process: Designing,Creating!

Bracelet #1

Inspiration:Early morning gardening Materials:   18 kt gold,Colombian Emeralds,Diamonds    

Our Blues

THE MINERAL LABRADORITE Labradorite is an unusual mineral. It can display a beautiful iridescent play of colors, caused by internal fractures in the mineral that reflect light back and forth, dispersing it into different colors. This effect,…

Chrysoprase "The Green Gold"

Chrysoprase Chrysoprase is a gemstone variety of chalcedony . Its color is normally apple-green, but varies to deep green, it is the color of chrysoprase, rather than any pattern of markings, that makes it desirable. The word chrysoprase comes…

Details about our technique

Today we are sharing with you about 3 of the techniques we use in our work (Fabrication,Engraving,Repousee) Fabrication: Opposite to the case of casting technique that is done from a wax mold, with fabrication technique the jewelry is done…

Our Technique

We don't do or use any kind of mold in our designs, every piece is created entirely by hand out of gold sheets, sawing, forging, soldering and polishing we incorporate to our technique modalities like engraving and repousee.

Our Gems

Enrique Garcia had the privilege of been certified in color gemstone by GIA (Gemological Institute of America) that beside been a great experience and accomplishment,is been a great addition to our company by having the knowledge. to identify…